Radiator Springs


So here I am in Radiator Springs drinking expensive hot and cold drinks in custom made drinking vessels and Ben is gasping in amazement at how “well made” Disney has been put together.


I see you Sign – CJGriffiths Photographer

It is so hard not to be mystified by the grandeur of what Disney had created and continues to create. No, I definitely do not want to be sucked in to the candy floss sweetness of it all, but The Americans just kinda do it so well and in a better climate.


I am checking the architecture out, everything looks so “chocolate boxy”, it looks exactly like it does in the movies. I am basically just walking around the whole place with my camera glued to my face, look an obsessed tourist.

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The more I look, the more I want to take pictures. I am turning Disney into work, I want to just enjoy the moment like a big kid.


Whenever I go somewhere, I am obsessed with getting expensive drinks. Disgusting really and sorta headache fueled sometimes. We were so worried about how much money we should be spending on stuff and with no idea of strong the pound was against the dollar, we held back, apart from expensive drinks!


So Radiator Springs? You know where the popular “Cars” film is set ? It was better then any town I had been to. So clean and pristine and with piped music being played into the streets………hold on, whats that?


Yes – that’s right, this is so Austin Powers, I can barely contain myself.

RAD SPR 2Radiator Springs

We follow the fire engine to the wrong side of the tracks, wondering if we should go on The Bugs Life spinning ride, we arrive at………………………………the most hilarious and too good not to go on twice. Hollywood Tower.


Again, again, again…….

RS 4

Which we did!



We even tried to get on it a 3rd time!


But it was nearly parade time.


It is nearly parade time……………………………..


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