Finding Myself Part One

My friend – a photographic onsessibe


Amongst other things, I am a collector, a hoarder, a messy person.  A very, very, very messy person.  I know this because my husband tells me regularly, whilst he’s following me around, picking up shoes, underwear, banana skins, orange peel, dirty cups, scraps of paper, lids off pens……I know this but I never really think about it.

I’m an artist and a photographer, so I notice things all the time: the way the light falls, the colour of a shirt or a fence panel, a handsome profile, the shadow made by a chair leg. Details, so many details.  When I’m out, cameras banging against my body, finger poised over the shutter, my eyes are constantly flickering from side to side, finding the unusual, the odd angle, the strange activity.  Indoors, I notice the way the shadows fall, how the sunset reflects on my wooden desk, my grandson’s mouth as he tells me a…

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Author: cjgriffithsphotography

I take Photographs - of Life, Love, Passion and People.

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